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The Power of Knowing English 

English is now the lingua franca: A world language.  Knowing English is important for your professional career.  Without the skill of being able to communicate in English, one can possibly be held back.  English plays a role around the world in so many ways.  For example, did you know that the world's airline pilots must speak English?  Even if an Italian plane is flying over Italy and the pilots are also Italian, they will be speaking English to air traffic control.  Additionally, most of the world's computer language and other sciences are written in English.

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It's Never Too Late To Learn English  

Regardless of your current level of English proficiency, one can always learn to speak better English.  It's never too late, regardless of your age.  There are English language schools all over the world, and chances are that there is one very close to you.  The other choice, of course, is to take lessons online from a tutor.  Either way, don't put off your education because we must always strive for improvement.  If you are thinking that you are too old to go back to school, stop those thoughts.  Teachers are blind to age.  

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Audio File Service Now Available 

Do you have an important speech, meeting, or presentation coming up?  Are you worried about your English pronunciation? We now offer an audio file service.  You send us the text that you need clarified, and we will record it for you.  Only then can you practice in confidence whenever you want.  Contact us for further details. 

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Updates on This Site 

Updates on this site on constantly occuring.  Be sure to check back regulary as we add pages, blogs, videos, etc.  Another great resource on this site is the "Sitemap" page.  Because we can't fit all the site's pages in the nav bar, many new pages are added on the Sitemap page.  Thanks for tuning in and more great English Grammar lessons coming soon!  How to teach English abroad